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Its a good time of year to pick up a girlfriend and take her to the coast for a fishing trip. Anything is likely to happen on wild adventure like thes Daina's a cheeky little girl! She's jumping on the bed in her short little dress, big boobies bouncing; her tasty pussy and juicy ass peek o What do you get when you put Angie, Aeryn, Rhianna, Taliah, Frances and Leah together in a bus and drive down the coast for a party? One fucking hot X In and out it goes, tightly at first, then her pussy opens up naturally and takes it all in. You can see from her face that's she's enjoying
Zaharas and Moniques busty dirty dancing video Only 18 and already a M.I.L.F! Lorna is single and needs a man, meanwhile, she shows us how she satisfies herself on those long lonely nights, alone i Blonde, blue-eyes, with tan lines, and a tight pussy, Britney lays out on the couch feels herself getting more aroused every minute. Angie, with her masssive GG size breasts, popping out of her cocktail dress, and wearing no panties, she waits at the bar, looking for a man to satisf
22 year old Luz is one cute and cuddly girl but don't let the cuteness fool you! She's part Mexican and part French so she has a feistiness The Road is Closed but that doesn't stop the girls from jumping up and down gleefully, feeling sexy wild and free. After all that beer on the tri Do you like your girls that are red hot like a chilli pepper??? Meet Ruby Rose – ouch – she's scorching hot and ready for anything. Hanging out i Petria's new photo shoot centers around a mattress in both the horizontal and vertical positions. That way you get to fantasize about thrusting h
Angies bib boobies are busting to break out of her tiny little bikinis.  The stringy g-string is wedged into her fanny.  Shes pulling this way and tha Frances's ample breasts pop out of her pink bra, and Rosie jumps in for a taste sensation sucking on their nipples, squeezing the soft white fles Janis is a born leader. She leads the way all the way to the Pony Club to show us a good time. With her fingers doing the work, she gets herself into Yoga is a natural way to keep your body looking fit and healthy. DiDi enjoys stretching her inner thighs and buttocks in the backyard. Nice fine pubic
Sitting on the edge of the bed she applies moisturiser to her legs. We can see up her skirt, and she's wearing see-thru panties, and our heart sk There's nothing like a nice cold beer to quench the thirst of a horny beer wench like DiDi. Parched from partying hard all night long, DiDi scour In the picture set he cums in a different way so you get the best of both. Samantha kept cuming as well, having orgasms even in the picture set. This These two are so playful and fun-loving as they romp among doonas, having pillow fights getting them hot and bothered before the full-on sex starts. T
Angie is one bountiful babe! With her big, beautiful boobies and spectacular body, bubbly personality and naughty sense of humour and devious nature, Rhianna is a wild 18 year old who loves all kinds of sexy mischief. She's in the kitchen for a nice cup of tea when she's quickly seduced by When their house-mates are at work they like to fuck in the backyard, under the trees, in ear shot of their nosey neighbours. A glass of wine, strawbe Angie struts around on the sand dunes, getting off on the morning sun that's caressing her pale skin, Long silky brown hair blowing in the breeze
Viola and Nicole are dripping with sweat and sexual excitement, they need to release their sexual energy and let the theromones loose Pretty young Nora's at the beach in a little bikini, on an overcast day, strutting around on the rocks, touching herself, feeling horny as her pu Angie & Blaire are loitering at the pier, waiting for a ship full of sailors to arrive. No-one show. But they have each other, and a bossom full o Rada just loves being in outback Australia. In her beautiful white dress she shows us around her favorite spots and a bit of herself too! With hairy a
Angie's big boobies are busting to break out of her tiny little bikinis. The stringy g-string is wedged into her fanny. Angie brings home her juicy mellons for Frances to suck on.  And Frances is having the time of her life being corrupted by the more experienced Angie. Playing with light and playing with pussy - a beautiful combination for a lithe freckly blonde chick in a yellow dress, with a perfectly shaped pussy Alone at last. Playing with their mobile phones as they catch some cyclonic wind in their hair and up their skirts. Angie seduces the innocent Roxy. P
Stelllar squats in the long grass wearing a pretty green summer dress. The sun kisses her body, she pops her tits out, airing them, touching them, the Mega Vixen Adel is super fun to hang out with! Her bubbly personality, carefree attitude, and desire for adventure makes her an awesome model. We met Adel wears a little green dress, orange winter coat and flashes us her girlie goodies. A nice furry pussy, perky breasts and a good strong arse has us Puffed and flushed, and eager for more tenderness the girls pull their panties aside and lick clit and pussy and arse! Anal rimming sends the girls th
Imagining a life in Australia for herself, smelling with white roses, she's intoxicated by the sweet aroma and pulls down her panties, shoving he Taliah's bringing in the washing. The sweet smell of the fresh laundry gets her horny and she runs inside where her toys are. Feeling her gorgeou Down at the river, the sun is out, the birds are singing and pretty Britney feels a hot flush raging through her veins as she lies down and has a good Dakota gives her nice boobies a good squeeze, squishing her chewy nipples in-between her fingers before she shoves her hands down her panties to twidd
Rubie's down at the river, giving her red dress a little wash in the water before slipping it on. The sheer fabric clings to her curvy body, the Sun, Surf, Summer, Saturated, Stinking hot, Swimming, Sun burn - oh yeah.... throw some SEX in there and it's a Cunt Cocktail!! Get a bit closer, So busty, so pretty, so smiley! This girl is 25 and busting onto the internet with her larger than life breasts, baring all, fingering herself and hav Bailey's one hot receptionist!! Whilst chatting up boys on the work phone she bends over the couch & fucks a deodorant bottle, then spreads h
Sunday likes her wood fresh and smelling good. Lolling around in the sun, she looks devine drenched in golden light, dreadlocks flowing, and touching Envy is busy in the kitchen preparing a meal of phallic objects! She just cannot contain her hornyness! After shes played with all her sex toys she mo Melody loves to play on Bob's pipe. She sucks her man well in a busy car park with lots of random people walking around perving on them. They wan Not long til the Olympics kick off in London. So get out your tight leotards, tuck in your fanny, and let's get moving! Stretching, piling up, co
What if you get bored when the fish don't bit? What are you gonna do. Just you and her on the end of a short pier without panties. Fannies blowin "Rubie came to us like a lost puppy. She just needed a hug and a good time. With our ""Fun"" hats on we took her on an advent Canopy can do anything. Derelict building sites excite her! One day she'd like to get a trade and work with her hands constructing stuff. She als Jette's got a new man in her life, and they are co-habitating blissfully in an art deco flat. On Melbourne Cup Day (this week) whilst the rest of
Along a not so quiet country road walks LIvia and Nailah backbackers from Europe they love exploring the great outdoors, getting undressed in the natu Chocolate milk gets her blood sugar levels going thru the roof. Gulping it down like a pussy cat, spillage runs over her youthful breasts down her sto In her tight cut off jeans, sexy bra, blonde hottie Arabelle ponders the bigt map of Australia, and all her wild adventures this English girl has had Stellar's forgotten her house keys, bending over, scrounging through her purse, we get a birds-eye-view up her skirt, and inside her panties. The
The setting we picked was in my lounge room, me starkers except for a VERY see-through crochet dress getting into a tangle with a mass of juicy colour Bobbie the blonde-haired blue-eyed mum is kicking back with a plastic cock! Reclining on her big black leather couch bathed in the beautiful stripey l A combination of all Dakotas shoots. Come with us as we tramp all over town in search of the perfect place to shoot our Aussie Amateurs. Unreal girls Tiffany & Olivia are tucking into each other: fondling breasts, deep-throat-french-kissing, nipple sucking & smearing their bodie
Jayne bathes her glorious body in the light of the window. Her fanny gets a good airing as she opens her lips, and sticks a finger or 2 into the gooey Sofia's hanging out on someone's front porch basking in the warmth of the sunshine. Feeling her tits, wetness drips from the inside of her f Tall,amazonian Adel is chilling out down by the river.  Her hair is up in piggy tails and she looks gorgeous.  This bootilicious leggy brunette has a Feather, with her glorious furry muff is sprawled out in the long grass, having the time of her life... touching herself, thinking of you touching you
When Christi spreads her lips her fanny lights up with magnificent red inner girlie bits - all gooey and wet and ready to take her glass dildo nice an Angie, the older temptress seduces our young 18 y-o Frances when she pops over with her giant mellons and things soon get messy with lots of kissing a In her new house, she sits on the balcony, wearing a sexy little outfit with matching bra and panties. Her big pink toy slides into her pussy, making Zosha's beauty is a feast for the senses, with her shiny natural blonde hair and pubes, pale, pure complexion and delicately pink cheeks and lips
Shelly is down at the local park looking for a bit of seclusion and respite from the overwhelming heat. Wearing a beautiful red dress,she hides betwee This photo shoot is shot like a BTS but with the big camera, see Annie and Rosie getting soaking in the surf, shooting the orgy on video whilst Ramone 18 y/o Dolcie is going to the drag races in her shiny red Bel Air Cheve. She's so excited about turning 18 and getting her license that she feels Redheaded Sofia, with her pale skin, and thick curly pubes plays around naked by the roadside. We see up her skirt, down her top, and all the way inbe
Mila peers out the venetian blinds, checking to see if any neighbours are going to watch her masturbate with a big glass dildo. Her shiny pink dress s She'll show you a good time as she squeezes and grabs her glorious body whilst writhing around like a sex kitten. Her long brown hair floats over Evie loves to fuck herself, whenever, wherever and with whatever she feels like! Watch this cheeky, bespectacled babe get herself off with a carrot. She's caught in a trap. She can't look back. She needs some good loving baby! Amongs the web of yarn wool furry Feather is up to a bit of pa
Best mates from Germany are loving life in Australia; getting naked at the nude beach on their first ever rude shoot, and they're going off. Wrig Dakota is hangin' out in the back yard... She spies something juicy... She's reaching up to grab a big yellow lemon from the fruit-filled tr Pretty, innocent Saffron comes home from a trip all refreshed and energized in her cute, soft little outfit. She's absolutely glowing and she can She's back, at 18, she's as fresh as a cheesecake! Lolling around on the bed, touching herself, stretching, moving sensually, she's a s
Taliah looks good reflected in the big mirrors of a very snug little bedroom. Undressing, admiring her perky body, she slips the panties off, fingerin Chloe got very excited very quickly and started fingering herself thru her panties. Fully clothed, she is popping out of her bra and pulling her skirt On a big luscious white bed Ruby Rose takes charge and rips off Daisy's panties, bends her over, and licks her out anally and vaginally. Becky peers out the curtained windows wondering if the neighbours are watching her masturbate on the lounge room floor. She feels eyes upon her curvy
Sensuous and exotic, Amy Chi and Zasha will entrance you as they undress each other, explore their bodies and fuck, suck, lick, and thrust passionatel Shanty and Shannon are energetic & fun, super hot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed German beauties. These lovely tourists know how to enjoy themselves, t Pressed up against the window, with the city down below, angie and Aeryn release their breasts from teh confines of the bras and it's a booby sho Betsy is a young petite blonde, with big blue china doll eyes and cheeky fringe. She's got an innocent little face and a hairy pussy that's
Adel is all woman,and a tall woman,nearly 6 feet tall. She is 100% sexy,funny,smart and fun fun fun!  Adel is travelling around Australia,originally f Our hot geek girl Viola has just finished her shopping at the local supermarket. Before she makes it home, she stops off in a lane way for a quick mas Ellisen is our new sex kitten. She's only 18 with a powerful and muscular body, spectacular perky tits, and pale skin sprinkled with chocolate fr Every body loves a huge set of mellons right? And what could be better than Bridgette's perfect pair getting smothered in, what else but MELLON j
Franky is an active feminist and free spirited hairy little punk chick with bright pink hair and the most amazing blue eyes! Her bush is dark, curly a Zaria emerses her fine lean body in the ferns. Lushiously she touches herself as the suns rays heat her body up from the inside. Her hand wanders down These two together are totally adorable and the chemistry between them was electrifying from the get-go. They were so hot for each other that they kep Angie's breasts are free and enjoying the fresh air as she moves them around, swinging from side to side, it's a good view, and you can almo
Girls Kissing Girls with hairy muffs in the drawing room. Rosie and Daina make-out. Kissing tenderly and passionately, lips redden, mouths part, and t Sun, Surf, Summer, Saturated, Stinking hot, Swimming, Sun burn - oh yeah.... throw some SEX in there and it's a Cunt Cocktail!! Blaire and Jette are daddy's little girls. Hanging out innocently in the loungeroom rumaging thru a vintage collection of pinup match boxes! A st Angie takes control, ripping Blaire's clothes off and then Blaire gets in between her arse crack for some intense anal rimming! Long slippery ton
Hot milfy Jade’s hanging out in the backyard in her Aussie bikini. Looking steaming and sexual she grabs a hose and cools down her hot snatch. In the park, coming home from the supermarket, Melody takes a break and gets down in the long grass with her long juicy carrot for a stimulating play. Paula really likes to masturbate, all day, everyday. She uses outrageous stuff to satisfy her sexual desires and this time she will show us her little Suburbia never looked so tempting. In Mart's backyard, on a sun drenched day, Kara lounges around, enjoying being Boss.
Feather stumbles into a beautiful river wearing a very short red mini skirt. Sparkling in the morning light, she just glows as she frolicks around fro This exotic, hippy chick frolicks in the park, feeling wet and juicy she gets down for some pussy time. Dancing, swirling, twirling, legs up, legs apa When the sun comes out the girls come out to play. Carolina and Leah arrive home in their little dresses, and get it on in the front yard! They cant w Gretel is gorgeous! Such natural beauty and sex appeal, with a fun personality and smarts to top it all off.
They're a horny young couple who generally fuck 3 times a day anyway, so when we rocked up to their apartment we just let them go for it. Their petite sexy bodies are aligned as Natalia jumps on top of Pixie to get into the core tissue! As her hands move across Pixie's body you coul Vintage Gal Bettie moves like a pin-up star of the 50s. She's all curves and personality. Her booty is bombastic, her boobies are ballistic, and In her overgrown backyard, she's swinging on the swings, legs in the air, skirt upwards, feet flying, and she's dripping with wetness and wa
19 y-o SammRosee is a good clean living gal from a nice family. Her hobbies include working out, buying expensive sex toys, and making her home lovely 18 y-o Rhianna's mail box is full of juicy junk for everyone!! Waiting for the mail man to deliver overdue love letters; Rhianna sits on top of t A waterfall is the perfect setting for SammRosee and Dakota.  Wearing tiny bikinis the girls are having a laugh and lounging around on the rocks as th Leonie works hard all night as a dancer in ago-go  club.  During the daylight hours she enjoys  the easy life:  kicking back,rolling around on the flo
Petria is world renowned for her ridiculous good looks and sexual magnetism. In fact, at home, hanging out with her she’s so dam lovely, and cuddly, j Along a dangerous road, thru burnt out bushalnds, where bush fires once raged, 3 Northern Girls, from England stop traffic with their upskirt antics. Nataly's a clean living girl whol likes a bit of bling! In her dining room with the spray n wipe she's polishing the table and chandeleir. Adel is all woman, and a tall woman, nearly 6 feet tall. She is sexy, funny, smart and fun fun fun!  Adel is travelling around Australia, originally f
Hairy girls on a roadtrip, pull over their campervan on a dirt road, jump out, and fuck in the natural Australian bush. Nice thick curly pubes get moi Wearing business shirts, in an art deco apartment in the CBD, whilst the rest of the city works around the clock to earn a buck Valerie and Peppe are Pretty yopung Taiwanese girl Sakari is practising her English with the help of a dictionary. Big words with complicated meanings turn her on, and her Damiana's a real fire-cracker! A red-hot redhead with skin so creamy you could drink it! She's dancing around the skyline high on life, blis


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